Manifesting More Forgiveness:  Malware, Quarantines, Shit & Beacons

I wanted to take some time to focus on forgiveness.  This topic has come to mind many times throughout my life and I always thought I had a handle on it, until I really forgave.  So, we all have things that people do to us in life that are totally unforgivable.  And if we were to retaliate, the world would understand, because there are certain visceral reactions every human being has when such situations occur that are common for most humans. The thing is that unforgiveness, unknowingly, takes up space in your life – and they can inhibit us from moving forward.  It can put up invisible barriers that we don’t see.  It can also mess up the way that we see things, so that our vision is skewed.

When you live with unforgiveness, you operate from a place of reactiveness.  When you do this, it’s kind of like having malware – a virus - in your head, your heart and your soul – that controls your life, so no matter how many affirmations you read, courses you go to, prayers you recite or new relationships you have – that malware is in the backend, creating viruses in your system and messing up your programming.  So, basically, you’re living your life, where you think you’re in control, but some fool is fucking up your flow in the backend.  What you need is to delete the infection from your system and write a new script that offers your heart a clean slate.

How do you dis-infect yourself from unforgiveness?

  • Be Self Aware.  Staying aware of your thoughts and behaviors is key.  So that you when catch yourself re-playing the past, imagining retribution or projecting your feelings onto someone else, you recognize it.  You need to constantly scan your system to discover threats and quarantine that shit.  As human beings, things happen to us all the time. What do we do with these hurts, these threats to host site (mind, body and soul)?  We usually take a mental note and carry them around.  As a result, we end up amassing a heavy load of shit that we wake up with carrying around all day…and sleep with.  Why would we want to carry shit around, day in and day out, and why would we want to steep in it?  Shit stinks!  It’s important to constantly check in with yourself. I do this daily – making a list of all that I want to release at the end of each day.  You want to quarantine negative thoughts about the past from running rampant in your mind.   You want to quarantine them to your past and release people and situations that are threats to your future peace.
  • Delete the fucking virus.  When you think of your life, what are the highest states of energy you want to feel – joy, peace, hope, excitement, love, abundance, clarity.  Whatever is interrupting the flow of that is inhibiting you; and you need to delete that energy from your life.  Here are some ways you can do that:
    • Thank the lesson and the bringer of the lesson, and release the judgement around it.  Delete anything left that is not serving you.
    • Set your old self free.  I read somewhere that you have to sometimes die to what’s old to become new.  Make a note to delete thoughts of unforgiveness and replace them with grace.  Delete the lower thinking patterns of the old you.  The person you’ll be gifting most of all is the new you that is waiting.
    • Imagine that the lesson you learned is a gift.  Maybe it came wrapped in shitty paper.  You can throw it away now, and keep the goodies for yourself.  Put the bad gift paper in the trash can – delete.
  • Stay in Your Power.  Stay true to your goodness.  Stay true to your light. You have power to replace what you don’t want with what you do want.  Sometimes, you need to continue being the light even when someone does you dark. You see it’s less about them and more about you. Who do you want to be, and how do you stay in intention with that, even when you been done dark?  You remember that you are the beacon.  Unforgiveness doesn’t affect the person who hurt you, but it is impacting you and inhibiting you from fully harnessing your power and unleashing the beauty of it in the world.  When you’re carrying around something that’s draining your energy, it limits your strength, your clarity and your radiance.  Combat that dark or lower energy with the opposite.  Replace it with love, replace it with hope, replace it with peace, replace it with freedom.  Let not your light be overcome.  Shine bright.