Unicorn Boss: Running Towards Bliss and Being Tapped the F*ck in

About Unicorn Boss: Running Towards Bliss and Being Tapped the F*ck in

We live in a world that teaches us to put on masks from the day we are born. We are taught about labels and are pressured into applying them to everything in our world. We are molded into what we ought to be. Throughout our lives, we encounter multiple traumas - small ones and large ones, and we learn to pack them away because we are taught to be “bosses”, to “soldier on”; and in the event we expose our truths, vulnerability can be perceived as weakness. And so, we show the world what it wants. We deny our traumas and truths until they demand to be seen.  At this time, we are facing an unprecedented global trauma.  Anxiety, fear, depression and uncertainty are at an all-time high, and many people don’t have the tools to cope. Yet, it is when we face the truth of who we really are and build a toolkit that allows us to adapt is where we truly transform, stand in our power, our light and are really tapped into life.  I look forward to sharing with you, learning from you and journeying with you.

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