While in treatment, Maimah realized early on that she could either choose to feel as if she was a victim of a disease, or she could claim the blessing of being awakened to the blessings of every moment of her life.  She realized that “no one gets out of life alive, so I will use this awakening as a gift, and a constant reminder to live in the sweetness of each moment.”  Cancer awakened Maimah to the realization that it wasn’t the length of life, but how fully, passionately and purposefully we use that time.  With this new perspective, she began to apply herself in area of her life and to curate a life that she designed  She has helped millions of people through her talks, changing healthcare policy, changing disparities affecting minorities and under-served communities, and inspired men and women across the world to view their cancer diagnosis and challenges as catalysts to intentionally curate a live they love.

Nicknamed, “Unicorn”, Maimah inspires others to see and manifest their inner unicorn, a symbol of each individual’s uniqueness, infinite possibilities, divinity, magic; to dream and to design a life that is epic!

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