The Badass Girls Book of Prayers

About The Badass Girls Book of Prayers

Life is a prayer, and how you express that prayer is an expression of your truth in all its beauty, its divinity, and its humanness. The purpose of life is to express all that our souls desire within the time that we are here. One of the ways we can stay true to that expression is through alignment with Higher Power, and through communication with that “all there is” energy. When we pray, we are communicating our sacred truth from a spiritual place in all its raw beauty and strength.

Maimah Karmo and Tania Koulakian have written this book for all the badass girls out there who are bosses in every part of their lives, but need a little bit more something spiritual and sassy to elevate their Higher Power connection and expression “game”. The Badass Girl’s Book of Prayers isn’t about folding your hands and talking to someone in the ether, it inspires a deeper connection with that Universal Power anywhere and in any way. It delivers prayers that express how you feel – that sound like the way you talk. You have the power to harness magic, light, the Universe at your fingertips, just close your eyes, open your heart and pray.

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Maimah Karmo