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A breast cancer diagnosis at age thirty-two left Maimah Karmo’s world shattered. She was the survivor of civil unrest in Liberia, a college-educated professional, and a dedicated mother to her young daughter—breast cancer was not part of the plan. How could this happen?

With the help of family and friends, Maimah uncovered her own strength, rediscovered her faith in God, and navigated a completely foreign medical world. It was through this struggle to reclaim her body and her soul that she learned what was truly important in life—and she didn’t stop there.

This inspiring account covers Maimah’s journey through childhood to a journey with breast cancer that would change her life forever. It is not only a story of love and determination, but also of what can happen when you are given a second chance at life. Fearless illustrates that even when life begins to appear impossible, true faith—in yourself, in God, and in those you love—will lead you toward the life you always wanted, the life you have a reason to fight for.

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