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Meet the Unicorn, Maimah

Maimah is a best-selling author, speaker transformational coach and cancer survivor. She is also a soul-purpose seeker, philanthropist, mother and bad ass. She has faced every challenge in her life with faith and used them as catalysts for transformation. Having escaped from her native country of Liberia alone, at 15 years old, Maimah is the definition of a warrior. She has survived three wars, being held at gunpoint and being hit by lightning. At 32 years old, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, and founded Tigerlily Foundation while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Maimah helps people to embrace change and transformation. She has inspired millions to live their authentic selves and to manifest their soul purpose. She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, MSNBC, in O, the Oprah Magazine, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and more. She is the author of Fearless: Awakening to my Life’s Purpose Through Breast Cancer, publisher of Bliss Magazine, producer of the Pure Bliss Podcast. She has been recognized by Oprah Winfrey as a thought leader on how to help people to awaken and transform their lives. Maimah has created a successful personal transformational company that has inspired millions of people around the world.

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Robin Roberts

Maimah’s work transforms lives and is touching people everywhere.

Oprah Winfrey

Maimah is extraordinary. She is someone to watch. She is making a huge difference in the world.

Joan Lunden

Maimah is an inspiration and a powerhouse.

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Pure Bliss 027 – I Manifest Sincerity

Pure Bliss 027 – I Manifest Sincerity

Maimah speaks on finding a way of managing your lifes work through sincerity; what it means, how your living in truth and passion can reflect the virtue, and how you can begin to practice manifest sincerity in your life.

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I Manifest Choice

I Manifest Choice

This thought storm was inspired by a conversation I had with someone recently. They were giving me a complement of sorts. This is a compliment that I’ve heard many times before – hundreds, if not thousands of times. The compliment was one that I received...

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I Manifest a Way

I Manifest a Way

As a life coach, I am blessed at the number of opportunities I am given to help people change the way they think. It is exciting to be able to work with clients around the globe, helping them to shift their limiting ideas of themselves, their capabilities, how they...

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I Manifest

I Manifest is an event that engages individuals who are committed to doing the “soulwork” in every area of their lives. In this authentic and purposeful forum, attendees learn from Maimah and successful coaches, lightworkers and entrepreneurs, how to:

  • Attract and cultivate a tribe that supports and empowers each other to achieve “out of this world” goals;
  • Have clarity of vision that is aligned with personal, professional, relational, spiritual, mental and soul goals;
  • Live more meaningfully, passionately, deeply and truthfully connected with self;
  • Enhance growth in every area of their lives;
  • Have more conscious, elevated conversation in a sacred space;
  • Improve relationships – with self and others, enabling us to contribute to the enlightenment at home and around the globe.

I Manifest is a powerful experiential learning event that will awaken you to the self you were born to be, and empower you to live more intentionally, authentically, passionately and purposefully.

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Fearless: Awakening to My Life’s Purpose Through Breast Cancer


A breast cancer diagnosis at age thirty-two left Maimah Karmo's world shattered. She was the survivor of civil unrest in Liberia, a college-educated corporate professional, and a dedicated mother to her young daughter--breast cancer was not part of the plan. How could this happen? With the help of family and friends, Maimah uncovered her own strength, rediscovered her faith in God, and navigated a completely foreign medical world. Through this struggle to reclaim her body and her soul, she learned what was truly important in life--and she didn't stop there. During recovery, Maimah took a leap of faith and founded the Tigerlily Foundation, an organization that supports young women before, during, and after breast cancer. She had lived through her own journey; now she wanted to help others do the same. This inspiring account covers Maimah's journey through an exceptional childhood to her experience with cancer that would change her life forever. It is not only a story of love and determination, but also of what can happen when you are given a second chance at life. Fearless illustrates that even when a situation appears to be impossible, true faith--in yourself, in God, and in those you love--will lead you toward the life you always wanted, the life you have a reason to fight for.

I Manifest My Soul’s Purpose 30-Day Manifestation Guidebook: Curate Your Epic Life!

I Manifest My Soul’s Purpose 30-Day Manifestation Guidebook: Curate Your Epic Life!”. Maimah has experienced war three times, escaped her native country of Liberia as a refugee, been hit by lightning and survived breast cancer. She knows what it feels like to feel stuck, scared, overwhelmed, lost and uncertain of your future. She also knows that like herself, you deserve to live a life filled with purpose and passion. In her 30-day manifestation guidebook, she will teach you the specific steps and tools she used to align with her soul and manifest a life that is aligned with her purpose!

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Maimah in the Media

Maimah Karmo is a recognized and proven expert at turning challenges into triumphs. She knows that we each have something unique to offer the world; and she teaches and inspires others how to find their unique gift, to thrive and to stay aligned with their highest good and goals. She’s been interviewed and shared her views with media outlets on a national and global level. Maimah is the next generation of spiritual and soulful inspirational leaders. She is just like you. She has fallen and gotten back up. She is resilient. She is purposeful. She is driven. She is human. She is a warrior. She is you. Maimah is recognized globally as a student, a teacher, speaker and a witness to life. She a catalyst for empowerment and change.

Contact info@maimahkarmo.com for media or speaking inquiries. Contact hannah@maimahkarmo.com for information on coaching or books or programs.