Do you want to offer transformational, results-driven workshop to your employees or executives?  Maimah is your person!  She has delivered talks, speeches, moderated panels and led workshops for non-profit, corporations, small and large groups – 30 – 2000, to groups of entrepreneurs such as EO.  Maimah’s workshops include:

 The Soul Purposed Executive Seminar

This transformational seminar helps your team, entrepreneurs and executives reconnect with their “why” and inspire them to be more productive and happy in their lives and careers: 1)  identify the key things they are passionate about; 2) focus on intention versus attention and how they spend their time; 3) identify limited beliefs and dis-create them; 4) reconnect with their purpose; 5) build a spiritual/soulful toolkit; 6) identify ways to integrate passion, purpose and profits.

Building Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Communication, Collaboration and Connection in the Workplace

This transformational identifies powerful tools to help improve teamwork, understanding and collaboration in the workplace.

Empowering Employees Through a “Master Your Mindset” Mentality

This transformational identifies powerful tools to help empower everyone on your team to have an entrepreneurial, leadership and growth mindset, enabling them to master their minds in a way that contributes to successful teams, group work, mission success for internal and external customers.

A workshop can also be tailored to meet your needs! Email me at and let’s work together!

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