Undone… A Poem.
I am made of stardust and dreams.
I am made of fantasy and fears.
I am made of energy and vibes.
I am made of karma, zen and tribes.
I laugh until my stomach hurts, then I feel so deeply that I cry and I cry.
I stare at the moon, am spellbound by the stars, dance in the rain. I am mesmerized by lightning.
I am a magical, gypsy, sparkling unicorn.
That’s me.
I am the boldest expression of God’s essence, that I was manifested to be.
I am the mother of love.
I birth ideas and prose.
I feel orgasmic joy, intertwined with pain.
I feel all and everything.
I am misunderstood, yet you know me.
I am the one that when you close your eyes, you see.
I am everything you fear and want.
I am the deepest, most hidden parts of your soul.
I am power, mystique and goddess.
I am a little girl, and a woman, beautifully and blissfully lost, still discovering and creating her way.
I am love, passion, fire and strength.
I am shy, vulnerable, unsure, insecure, yet fearlessly, steadily radiating my power within.
I want it all.
I want what matters.
I want you to see and feel my untethered soul.
God sent me for you and for me...hold my hand. I’ve been waiting...for you.
I am an endless ocean of idiosyncrasies and savorable complexities.
I am the realest, the shiznit. I am it. I am me.
Our fullest expression of our love will be delicious, delectable, exquisite, epic, incredible, magnificent, soulful, spiritually orgasmic, sublime.
I love you... and you...me.
I see you...and you...me.
I desire you...and you...me.
I swallow you up whole, as I simultaneously set you free.
I embrace every part of you, even the parts you think I don’t see.
I am you and you me.
I’m your wild rabbit, your guacamole, your Hennessy

I am your imagination come real.
I am made of silk and wood.
I am Esther and Ruth.
I am contained yet unloosed.
I am...your beloved. I am your promise.
I am a virtuous woman, gentle, meek.
Yet, I am fearless, ferocious and fierce.
My hands toil late into the night as I carry out the work of my God.
As I prepare my home, heart, mind and soul.
I am badass, unbreakable, unrestrained.
I am a thousand, endless, beautiful contradictions... I’m simple really.
My wild, untamed heart yearns to find a home.
I seek to be understood, yet I hide.
I am your African warrior princess, priestess, queen.
I am girded in strength, bathed in love, perfumed in intoxicating anticipation.
I wait on the mountaintop and watch for my love, my beloved, my mate.
We will recognize each other by our soul’s feel.
Our search will end when we see. We’ll know that it is. That this is, always has been and always will be.
I stand ready for you.
Ready to come undone, while becoming more me, with, than without you.
Enfold me in your arms; wrap me up up in the blanket of your sweet love.
Enfold me in your presence.
My spirit is wild, my heart untamed, my unicorn gypsy soul untethered.
Come for me.
Ensnare me with your love.
I am made of stardust and dreams.
I am made of fantasy and fears.
I am made of energy and vibes.
I am your karma.
I am your zen.
I am your tribe.
I am your magic.
I am what your soul has been searching for.
Your gift.
Undo me.
I am yours.
My soul is waiting, my love.
... Maimah