I’ve been thinking a lot about healing these days. A lot of people seem to be working towards it and going through it. Life is a series of experiences that constantly require us to evolve. Whether we know it or not, our bodies, on a cellular level are constantly dying and being born again – this is vital for our survival – this constant shedding of the old and renewal – constant re-vitalization. Our bodies are silently fixing unseen hurts, breakages and wounds – and unbeknownst to us, repairing them – all for our good. Yet, when faced with life circumstances, we balk at the hurts and wounds – we mentalize them, we over-think them, push against them, try to avoid them, we put ourselves through a shit ton of stress…and in a sense, we are pushing away our own divine healing and the evolution that is necessary for our soul. In this blog, I’ll share a few things that I’ve learned about allowing the hurt and dealing with it, so that we reap the healing.

Work with God. Start to allow life to be what it is, so that you can benefit from change, from painful life circumstances, from things you don’t desire in your life. They are going to happen anyway. I’d like you to think from this perspective – maybe all of these things are working towards a higher good that you may not be aware of. God has a plan – why don’t you consider working with Him, to make the process easier. Work on making your emotions and mind receptive to what’s meant to be and what might need to be. Try to let go of the need to figure it all out and have faith that a power that is higher than you already has it figured out. Assent to allowing that power to be in control. What you might see as giving in is actually “tapping in”. There is power in tapping in to an energy source bigger than you! Commit to a daily practice that gives you time to talk to God, so that you co-create and then co-allow your game plan, then ask The Universe to grant you the grace and serenity to harmonize your mind and spirit as changes occur.
Try to Quit Losing It Every Time. When you expect that life will be a constant state of hurts and healings, then you stop seeing the hurts or breakdowns as “bad”. You learn to accept them as a part of life and a necessary part of life. With this perspective, when things happen, you can stay in a place of source energy an tap right in to that place, to begin to learn the lessons, and even more – you don’t sit in the shit. You don’t just drop into the mess and stay there, because your mind is already aware and prepared to support you in the healing process, so that you become a better human soul in this life. One of my clients has a child living with a chronic illness. For months, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the child. Every time the child had a crisis, he would fall apart and the mother even more. Their lives were a series of emergency room visits, calls from the school, panic and tears. As the months turned into years, acute stress, anxiety an depression creeped in, to the point where both of their lives were a constant cycle of this. I began to work with the mom, to help her help herself, so that she could help her son and support him as they navigated diagnosis, treatment and hopefully a solution to the issue. Their lives were consumed by this silent illness, but their minds didn’t have to be. We had a huge breakthrough when they both accepted that this was their life for right now. There would be flare ups at unexpected times, but how they perceived them and emoted through them could change the quality of their lives. The mother reached out to me to tell me that something beautiful had happened. There had been a situation where they had an incident. In the past, they would have both lost it and fallen into a depression for days after. This time, they sat with it, and realized that they couldn’t change what was happening, so they would just let it, then when the time passed, the mom made dinner, then they held each other close, watched a movie, went to sleep and started a new day. Nothing had changed in terms of the flare ups – they just didn’t let it allow them to lose themselves every time. The big thing that happened here was this – they both – mother and child – had stepped into a place of greater strength, but not letting the physical determine their spiritual. This is a huge way that they allowed their hurt to propel them into a higher plane of spiritual healing.
Believe that you are protected. When we are going through a difficult time and healing, we feel our most vulnerable. We tend to retreat and hide; we may not get enough sleep, drink enough water or eat right. We often don’t tend to give ourselves the emotional and spiritual nurturing that is necessary for healing. But this is when we most need it. And since I now know that life is going to be a series of peaks and valleys, I prepare myself for them – all the time. Implementing intensive and un-negotiable self care is part of how I protect myself from falling apart at the seams when life offers up a serving of WTF. This self care includes constant prayer – in the morning, throughout my day and and in the evening. It’s these constant check-ins with God that give me the re-inforcing belief that He’s got my back. That as I act, my actions are aligning me with high wattage of energy and the re-assurance that I am being cared for even when I can’t see. This allows me to know that it’ll be okay.
Tap Into Your Spiritual Awareness as your Focus. One of the keys to transcending above our circumstances is to take the focus off our physical bodies, because it fixes us on something that is not eternal or real. So, imagine that you’re a spiritual being in a human body for a time – which you are. If this is true for you, then when your spiritual being is not in your body, it is somewhere else. If that is true, then you can connect the dots to see that what you’re experiencing in this body is not all there is. You are bigger than this – we all are. If this is true, then you are connected to something way bigger, that is connected to everything else. If that is true, then you’re part of a higher consciousness that allows you to broadcast or request whatever you’d like. When you really realize that you are a conscious energy in physical form, you can change the way you think and feel, to create a different reality. I watched a documentary recently called “HEAL”. It was extremely powerful, as it talked about our ability to use imagination to communicate with our bodies, our cells, our chemistry. Another piece that inspires me was a video I watched called “Everything is connected”. What this showed was that we choose to see life as not so serious, and play a game (if you will), trying to tap into what it would be like to realize that we really are creators. We can also role play this game and step out of ourselves and other perspectives – you might think it’s silly, but imagine that you were a rock, a ray of light, a plant, another person, a conductor – of your life.
If you practice doing this, you can gain immense perspective on life and release from emotional pain.
Know that you Can Create Something New. A lot of our limiting beliefs about hurt come into play when we see it as us being broken. This cannot be further away from the truth. The truth is that we can never be filled if we don’t open up to receive. We often don’t open up to receive change because we are too comfortable gripping on to the steering wheel of life, and staying in our lane, so that everything goes orderly and smoothly. What happens when we break open is that we can allow something beautiful and new into our lives. We can choose, as we heal, to let the situation propel us forward. We can change our thoughts from sadness, resignation and solemnity into thoughts of creation, energy and excitement about the harmony of life. If you have stood by the ocean and observed the power in it, part of the beauty, as you will see is that it is in constant motion, it is constantly surrendering to its elements, and it flows. Trees bend in the wind. Sunlight peers through where nature lets it. Clouds drift along. Our breath goes in and goes out. Life is always in the process of creation and healing. Healing may not come in the form that you expect, but it’s coming in the form of something new. Choose to change how you think and how you think will bless you. Trust that what is happening is meant to transform you. In a place when you let go of the fear and hold onto the trust, finding compassion for what you’re experiencing, you will find a deeper awareness and new perception on what is being created. The Universe is in the midst of all of it – leading you on a better path, to a better place, so that you manifest the highesst vision for your life.
The truth of it all is that life is the gift, so open it and allow it to unravel. It is happening now. How will you participate? There are things that will happen that will seem “out of your control”. They might be out of your control in one way, but when you step in the game, you take on the power of the one who controls the game. Choose to un-limit yourself and really tap into who you really are. Now, look at hurt and healing from this reference point. How do you view it now? This thing that is happening to you, can be shifted to happen for you.

In the meantime, give yourself lots of love, self care, healthy food, tons of water, hugs, relaxation, get warm kisses, big hugs and long baths.

I love you,