Episode Description:  Zev Halpern helps couples who are committed to their marriages but caught in a routine. Zev works with couples to create unique tools which soothe and reduce conflict in their relationship; clearing the way to a mutually fulfilling marriage. Using his signature process Recharge Your Marriage NOW, Zev works with couples to realign and clarify their marital goals, redefine marital rules and create new roles to foster deeper connections and a closer, more fulfilling marriage.  His expertise with countless couples has established him as the host of a unique TV Show and podcast called “The Raw Marriage” which helps couples cope with the day to day realities of married life. Zev revs up his coaching and his show with honest conversations about sex and exploration, encouraging couples to enjoy each other and to be adventurous in their relationship. Learn more about Zev at www.rechargeyourmarriagenow.com, find him on Twitter @zev_Halpern and @rechargewithzev and on Facebook at Recharge Your Marriage.