What is the "I Manifest" Experience”?

Manifest” is a powerful, experiential event that will inspire you to create and intentionally live the life you love.  It is a place where attendees find clarity and are able to align with their truth.  This is a one day event for individuals who want to learn tools from inspiring speakers, who are manifesting clarity, peace and purpose in their lives.

Here’s a thought… “nothing about you is ordinary. Your soul entered this world to do extraordinary things. As human beings, we busy and distract ourselves constantly.  Yet, an inner voice continues to nudge us to dig deeper, to seek more.  If you’re here, then you’re now ready, willing and open to de-construct the idea of who you think we are, in order to discover what’s real… and the gift in it all is that all you need is already inside of you.  All that’s needed is the shift.”

Manifest” connects you with a tribe of people, like you… who are also evolving, with whom you can make authentic, soulful connections.  You will leave empowered, awakened to a new perspective  on life, inspired, ready to write a new story and to start creating a more soul-purposed life – one in which you are deeply honest with yourself and others.  Attending this event will put you more in alignment with your soul’s purpose than ever.  Ask yourself…

– What are you willing to do in order to live the life you were born to live?

– What are you willing to do in order to manifest your true self?

– When will you be ready to be honest and vulnerable about your story, and learn to create a new one?

Manifest” gives attendees a compassionate, loving and safe space where they can share with others, who are as passionate as they are about living, learning, and changing the world, starting within.  The impact of, and fulfillment of your soul is ready to be expressed.  “Manifest” will bring you closer to living in your the fullness of expression and being!


Why You Should Attend the “I Manifest Bliss Experience.”

The I Manifest Bliss event is for you if you’re willing to:

Meet our Unicorns

Maimah Karmo

Soul-purposed, Author, Mother, God-girl, Lover of Life

Bruce Vanhorn

Author, Speaker, Coach, Empowering Others to be Their Fullest Expression.

Jane Lovas

Author, Transformational Strategist, Thought Leader


11:00 Welcome (Maimah Karmo)
11:05  Opening Meditation
11:10  Guest Speaker: Bruce Van Horn and Jane Lovas
11:50  I Manifest Bliss Exercises
            Group Discussions/Sharing
2:00   Close


For information on Logistics, Speaking or Media, contact tania@maimahkarmo.com.

For information on Sponsorships, contact maimah@maimahkarmo.com.