The I Manifest Bliss Experience is a soulworking event, where speakers share powerful stories of transformation and the tools they’ve learned along the way to manifesting their best life.  Speakers at I Manifest Bliss share from their souls, are deeply authentic, are committed to impacting the lives of those in the audience in a powerful way.  They are lightworkers, dedicated to changing the world from the inside out, and empowering others to do the work and shift as well.

We are currently accepting speaker submissions for our December 14th date.

To be considered, please ensure you fill in all required fields below. Please also note the following:

-> Due to the volume of proposals we receive, we kindly request that you do NOT reach out to us after you submit this form. A member of our team will be in touch directly within three weeks of your submission, if your proposal has been accepted.

-> You will receive a confirmation after you have completed the fields below. This will serve as your confirmation that we have received your information.

-> We are unable to provide honorariums for speaking or travel.

-> The speakers will be selected by a Committee, after which time you will be notified and sent more details.

-> I Manifest Bliss speaker talks are around manifesting in specific areas, for example, one panel could be focus on manifesting authenticity, while another could be on manifesting truth, manifesting strength, love, vision, etc. Visit our Twitter feed to get an idea of more topics.  Get ready to manifest some epic sh&t in 2018!!!

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