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Soul Speakers

Maimah Karmo

Title: Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

What you get:

The Power in Living with Grace

How to Embrace the Moment

Living as a Sacred Space

Dawn Espinoza

Title: Design a Life You Love

What you get:

How to see and cultivate beauty in every aspect of your life

How to re-define yourself after major life changes

Bruce Vanhorn

Title: How to Re-Story Your Life

What you get:

How to use words to positively change yourself and the world

How to change your story

Mali Phonpadith

Title: Mapping & Soaring Into Your Vision

What You Get:

Understanding Your Belief Systems

Knowing Your Worth

Moving Into Your Faith

Violette de Ayala

Title: Service to Others & Following What Brings you Joy

What you get:

Connectivity to Your Purpose

Clarity and Intention

Getting Your Message to 1M people

Terrie Christine

Title: The Secret Power of You – Unlocking The Power Within

What you get:

Uncovering the limiting beliefs held in your subconscious

Exposing your programmed patterns that keep you in the energy of struggle

Connecting the past to your present and the present to your future

Meghan Enriquez

Title: True Conversations Your Soul Is Begging You to Have (And How to Overcome the Bullshit We Use to Ignore It

What you get:
The importance of honoring our soul with true conversation
How listening to ourselves and other supports our soul’s growth
Tools we can implement to live our soul’s bliss

Martha Brettschneider

Title: Manifesting Intentional Action Through Mindfulness Practice

What you get:

Setting intentions that are in alignment with your highest purpose requires clearing your thought clutter.

Mindfulness meditation practice creates that spaciousness of mind.

Translating intention into action requires present moment awareness, focus, and clarity of mind through mindfulness practice.

Mina Fies

Title: Manifesting More Flow

What you get:

  How to Create flow and increase positive energy

  How to deepen the connection between spirit and self

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Martha Carruci

Title: How to Overcome Hurt by Being Present to Life

What you get:

Loving Your Story

Envisioning the Happy ending

How Sharing the Secret Leads to Acceptance, forgiveness and clarity

Letting go of Guilt and Shame

Carin Kilby Clark

Title: Your Right to Thrive in Every Area of Your Life

What you get:

How to ditch overwhelm and achieve more balance

How to transform habits and get goals that stick

Joni Rayos

Title: Create Your Dream Life

What you get:

How to go from stressed and drained to spiritually-balanced and sane

How to power up your passions and upgrade your power

Natalie Lewis

Title: Viewing your Breaking Points as Turning Points and five ways to shift your mindset and ignite your own personal turning point.

What you get:



Self- Confidence


Self- Evolving

Rebecca Thompson

Title: Living in Your Light

What you get:

How to connect with the truth of who you are

How to release tension and trauma