What is the "I Manifest" Experience”?

Manifest” is a powerful, experiential event that will inspire you to create and intentionally live the life you love.  It is a place where attendees find clarity and are able to align with their truth.  This is a one day event for individuals who want to learn tools from inspiring speakers, who are manifesting clarity, peace and purpose in their lives.

Here’s a thought… “nothing about you is ordinary. Your soul entered this world to do extraordinary things. As human beings, we busy and distract ourselves constantly.  Yet, an inner voice continues to nudge us to dig deeper, to seek more.  If you’re here, then you’re now ready, willing and open to de-construct the idea of who you think we are, in order to discover what’s real… and the gift in it all is that all you need is already inside of you.  All that’s needed is the shift.”

Manifest” connects you with a tribe of people, like you… who are also evolving, with whom you can make authentic, soulful connections.  You will leave empowered, awakened to a new perspective  on life, inspired, ready to write a new story and to start creating a more soul-purposed life – one in which you are deeply honest with yourself and others.  Attending this event will put you more in alignment with your soul’s purpose than ever.  Ask yourself…

– What are you willing to do in order to live the life you were born to live?

– What are you willing to do in order to manifest your true self?

– When will you be ready to be honest and vulnerable about your story, and learn to create a new one?

Manifest” gives attendees a compassionate, loving and safe space where they can share with others, who are as passionate as they are about living, learning, and changing the world, starting within.  The impact of, and fulfillment of your soul is ready to be expressed.  “Manifest” will bring you closer to living in your the fullness of expression and being!


Why You Should Attend the “I Manifest Experience.”

The I Manifest event is for you if you’re willing to:

People Are Raving About I Manifest

“I was truly blessed to sit in the company of inspired people. People who are always on a journey to search out the “good” in any situation, even when it does not seem favorable to the naked eyes. I was blessed and I manifested positivity that day which is currently flowing in my life.”  – Evangeline Delaney

I Manifest was so emotionally enlightening.  I learned more about myself and my path than any other event I’ve attended.   I highly recommend others attend.  The event inspires you to be a better you! – Britani Jones

“I enjoyed Meeting and connecting with all of the unicorns there! I left feeling very positive about the future, when it’s filled with so many amazing women doing great things in such an evolved, high-level way. This event will bring you inspiration and reassurance that the future is bright if we all embrace and share love and peace in our work and in all aspects of our lives.” – Karen Bate

I left the event last week feeling like “FINALLY”!!!!!! – Heather Boss, Fit to be Tan

“When I agreed to attend the I Manifest Conference I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Little did I know, it would become a life altering experience. Not only was everyone kind  and welcoming, the panel speakers were simply amazing. They shared experiences of pain and despair but also of hope and the power of positivity. I left the conference feeling a greater appreciation for  myself and my own authenticity. I wanted to connect deeper with so many of the wonderful attendees. Maimah Karmo, the host, is such a gem. I give thanks for her vision to bring this conference to life and I hope to experience it again in the near future”. –Shirley Goodwin, JR Flowers

“I loved the energy in the room at I Manifest. Everyone came in with high energy and a readiness to glean from the speakers. I Manifest Bliss is for anyone who wants to be uplifted, to make new connections, to feel loved.” – Robin Finnell

Meet our Unicorns

Maimah Karmo

Soul-purposed, Author, Mother, God-girl, Lover of Life

Mali Phonpadith

Founder and CEO
SOAR Community Network (SCN)

Bruce Vanhorn

Author, Speaker, Coach, Empowering Others to be Their Fullest Expression.

Cat Odderstol

Yogini, Spiritual Gangster, Warrior Goddess

Dawn Espinoza


Cordelia Gaffar


Jamie Bernstein


Joni Rayos Samilin


Loriana Hernandez Aldama


Jean Titus, Titus Unlimited


Rebecca Thompson


Pashon Mann


Ken Rochon


Michele Lopez

Terrie Christine


Lindsey Mask


Debra Alfarone

Angela Stribling

SherSher Mathew

Simone Rivers

Rae Roach

Gale Page

Mary Histings

Natalie Lewis


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9:00  Registration

10:00  Unicorn Gathering – Opening – Dawn Espinoza

10:10   Welcome – Awakening, Authenticity & Soul Purpose (Maimah Karmo) – I Manifest My Life as a Prayer

10:20   Opening Meditation, Cat Odderstol

10:30   Opening Speakers, Bruce Van Horn & SherSher Mathew

10:40   Panel 1: I Manifest Enlightenment

– Moderator:  Mali Phonpadith:

Panelists:  Debra Alfarone, Cordelia Gaffar, Jaime Bernstein, Pashon Mann, Natalie Lewis

11:20   Exercise

11:30   Lunch Served

11:45 Panel 2: I Manifest My Purpose - Moderator:  Ken Rochon

Panelists:  Lindsey Mask, Michele Lopez, Loriana Hernandez Aldama, Gale Page, Jean Titus

12:25  Exercise

12:45    Short Break

1:00     Panel 3:  I Manifest the Answer – Moderator:  Maimah Karmo/Angela Stribling

Panelists: Terrie Christine, Natalie Lewis, Joni Rayos Samlin

1:40     Exercise

1:50     Creation Space

2:10     Panel 4:  I Manifest the Catalyst

Moderator: Maimah Karmo

Panelists: Mary Histings, Rae Roach, C. Simone Rivers, Rebecca Thompson

2:50  Exercise

3:00  Thank you & Close

3:30  Book Signing

4:00 - 5:00  Book Signing & Vendor Shopping Experience


Join our “I Manifest Community” and connect with other unicorns, living with authenticity, intention and soul purpose.

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For information on Sponsorships, contact maimah@maimahkarmo.com.